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PAD Pattern Design

A comprehensive and full-featured CAD pattern making software for the apparel industry. It works the way you think, delivering a brand new user experience, simplifying the way pattern makers & designers work, an ideal tool for industrial businesses, professional & home-based designers and student . With its easy to use interface, PAD Pattern Design offers innovative and sophisticated features including Clone, Made-To-Measure and more, to allow you applying the most powerful CAD tools for pattern design, pattern treatment, grading, mass customization and custom-made tailoring.

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|New features of V6 Pattern Design (with screen captures)|

PAD Marker Design

Developed by a leading world-class CAD/CAM solution provider, PAD Marker Design is a versatile nesting tool that facilitates the job of professional marker makers in laying out markers or patterns efficiently. Piece placement is made easy by linking our marker to the original pattern style, allowing pattern changes to be updated automatically in the related marker. It integrates seamlessly with PAD Automark Engine whose performance outperforms any world-class industrial auto-nesting engine, achieves maximum fabric utilization. Estimate on fabric consumption can be calculated for purchase planning.

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|New features of V6 Marker Design (with screen captures)|

PAD Plotter--Plotting Speed Review on YouTube

You may now go to YouTube to review the plotting speed of PAD Plotter. PAD Plotter has offered

1. Slow speed plotting,
2. Medium speed plotting and,
3. High speed plotting

Should you want to learn more of PAD Plotter, please email or contact your local distributors.

Launch of V6 trial version

PAD² V6 trial version have launched today. The registration and download procedure is same as V5. For details of registration procedures, please click here.

New features of PAD² V6 Pattern Design is available here.

New features of PAD² V6 Marker Design is available here.

Act now! Click here to start the 30 days V6 trial.

New Distributor in Australia

PAD would like to formally announce a new distributor in Australia. Effective from now, Sample Room Australia will responsible for distributing and selling PAD products in Australia. They will also provide PAD software training and support services in Australia. We are so excited having new distributor joining PAD family.

here below is the contact details

Company: Sample Room Australia
Contact: Julia Van Der Sommen
Tel:+61 03 9940 1510
Fax:+61 03 9381 0700

Resolved the compatibility issue of PAD hardware key in MS Windows platform

Recently, PAD have found that there was platform compatibility issue when customer installs PAD hardware key driver in Windows 64 bit platform and activated PAD license in PAD hardware key in the same platform. The PAD hardware key cannot be used in 32 bit Windows platform properly. (There is no such problem if the PAD license and PAD hardware key was activated in 32 bit platform.)

This technical problem resolved this platform compatibility issue by combining 32 bit driver and 64 bit driver together. Updated drivers have been uploaded to the download area of PAD² V5 & PAD² V6.

Should you have encountered any problems and questions, you may contact your local distributors. Or you may email to .

New version – PAD² V6, comes to life!

PAD proudly announces the release of new version — PAD² V6 Pattern Design and Marker Design. PAD² V6 continues its simple but intuitive interface design, along with a number of newly developed built-in intelligence assistances enhancing software usability, so that pattern & marker design is so simple to create, share, organise, and do just about everything.

PAD² V6 Digitizer Manager and Plot Manager continues it uncompromising quality although it is still FREE plug in product. These plug-in tools strengthened in so many ways and, not merely work seamlessly with V6² Pattern Design and Marker Design, but a perfect partner with PAD hardware – PAD Plotter (PJET-2-180) and PAD Digitizer (PDZ-3648).

Should you want to learn more about PAD² V6 Pattern Design and Marker Design and its upgrade price, please contact your local distributors.