tool_image16 Text

Allow users to write notes on the selected piece or on the working area. While this information remains independent, you can group it with a Pattern Piece.

Customize letter size

New in V7.0:

In addition to select the letter size by pulling down the menu, users can also input the size as wish:


Input new text on working area

  1. Select tool_image16 tool;

  2. Click the desired position on the working area;

  3. Enter words, select or enter letter size, click [OK] button.



Click the small “T” and hold your click to read the text.

Create new text on the piece

  1. Activate the desired piece;

  2. Select tool_image16 tool;

  3. Click the desired position on the piece (e.g., on the segment), enter text and select or enter size.


Create new text aligned along segment

  1. Select the desired segment;

  2. Select tool_image16 tool;

  3. Click any start point of the segment, enter desired words, remember to select [Align Text Along Segment] option, then select or enter desired size, click [OK] button.




To see the content of the Text, you must check the text item under the menu [View] - [Show] - [Text].


Modify the text

  1. Select the text reference point next to the text icon;

  2. Select menu [Treatment] - [Item Info…];

  3. The [Text info] dialog box appears, change the information, then click [OK] button.