6: New Feature in V6

Send files through WAN

Facilitate users whose network is not local area network ( LAN ) to send digitizer files through wide area network IP.

Old way: only read files in the same LAN. That is to say, PAD V5 Pattern Design can only read the files from PAD V5 Digitizer Manager in the same LAN.


New Feature: Now users can read files through wide area network ( WAN ) IP. They don’t have to be in the same LAN. That means PAD V6 Pattern Design and PAD V6 Digitizer Manager can read files in different LAN or do it through WAN IP. (For example, User A is working with PAD V6 Software at home while User B is digitizing a file in company. User A can set WAN IP of User B’s company in his PAD V6 Pattern Software, then read the digitized file directly from User B’s Company.


How to set:

  1. Open digitizer_image003 Digitizer Manager in company’s computer;

  2. Click menu Option - Connection Settings;

  3. Dialog box appears, it shows company’s WAN IP in IP Address, remember the IP address and the password you set ( or leave it blank), then click OK;

  4. Open digitizer_image004 Pattern Design in home’s computer, click menu File - Open Digitizer;

  5. Dialog box Digitizer Report appears, click Add button;

  6. Enter the IP address and password from Digitizer Manager, click OK;

  7. It shows the information of connected digitizer and files in Digitizer Report Dialog box. Select the required file(s) shown under Job List.