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PAD Pattern Design

With its easy-to-use interface, PAD Pattern Design offers innovative features to allow you applying the most powerful tools for pattern design, grading, treatment, mass customization and custom-made tailoring. PAD is extremely suitable for industrial pattern design and making complicated garments. PAD unleashing the creative power of professional pattern designers by equipping them with the best CAD tools available for the industry. Following the release of PAD² version 6.0, a new era of PAD provides you with an entirely new experience in managing patterns.


  • Easy to use
  • PAD is user-friendly and designed to do the way you work. No more worries on working with pattern in front of your computer, because PAD provides lot of handy tools for pattern design. All files/data are completed instantly and accurately.

  • Powerful yet affordable
  • PAD Pattern Design offers all the essential tools such as pattern creation, modification, grading, pattern management, frame, clone and more..., at reasonable price.

  • Multi-platform
  • PAD is one of the only international CAD software that offers a choice of installing in Windows, Mac and Linux platform.

  • Open architecture
  • PAD² version 5.0 comes with an open architecture which enables any 3-party plug-in or add-on to further enhance the functionality. PAD Pattern Design integrates and supports various digitizing/scanning devices including but not limited to: PAD Digitizer Manager, 3-party Drivers.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly Interface
    • Working Area InterfaceWorking Area Interface
    • Unique Plan View allows the pattern designer to use work methods similar to manual pattern drafting, yet much faster.
    • An “easy-to-understand” graphical tool box for pattern making
    • Individual pattern file stores all pieces information
    • Display hand-written technical sketches or garment photos for easy comparison
    • Single working area for pattern design, modifications, grading and production.
    • Automatic piece colour-coding for quick fabric identification
  • Pattern Creation
    • Extensive pattern design development.
    • Easy curve creation using a single control point.
    • Handy template for viewing changes made on the original piece or as a reference for creating a new piece.
  • Pattern Grading
    • Automatic style grading during pattern development.
    • User friendly grading arrows & library to keep grading information, and allows fast and easy grading
    • Advanced grading tools such as Symmetry, Rotation and Freehand.
  • Pattern Treatment
    • Pleat, dart and shirring characteristics can be created and modified with a few clicks.
    • Seam allowances, special corners, curves, notches can be applied and adjusted quickly and easily.
    • Piece production treatment - enabling of CNC cutter functionalities
  • Made-to-Measure (MTM) — an intelligent solution for mass customization and custom-made tailoring
    • Simple concept of framed measurement lines related to garment specification sheet
    • Automatic calculation of sewn garment measurements in all graded sizes
    • Sewn measurements take into account closed darts, pleats, shirring and more...
    • Interdependence of pieces can be assigned to maintain measurement consistency between sewn parts.
    • Ability to work using total body circumsferences and level measurements
    • Ability to program specification requirements
  • Clone feature eliminates many steps of pattern modification to boost productivity.
    • Automatic update of all modifications on the master piece to its clones
    • Automatic pattern modifications in all related pieces of the Master (self, fusing, lining, etc.)
    • Lock management of cloned pieces
    • Intelligent mirror for working on both sides of a pattern piece simultaneously
    • Possibility of working on either side of the Intellegent Mirror at any time during pattern development
    • Easy navigation between Master (Plan) and Clone (Piece) visualization.
  • Import / Export of size chart to Excel
  • Compatible with other CAD system files, like DXF-AAMA, DXF Basic, HPGL, and TIIP (Japan)

PAD Pattern Design is available in 2 versions:

Pattern Professional — ideal for professional, freelance designers and/or amateur pattern makers to produce pattern file. Take advantage of powerful pattern piece characteristics tools, and a wide range of pattern making workflow and performance enhancements.

Pattern Enterprise — serves business enterprise having big scale sample room to produce pattern file for mass production. Equipped with all the essential tools meeting industry standards, PAD Pattern Enterprise enables computerized cutter functionalities and supports reading of various pattern file format.

Below the feature comparison between the 2 versions:

v.6.0 Pattern Design

Pattern Professional

Pattern Enterprise

User-friendly tools: multiple windows, dynamic floating toolbars, dropdown menus, pop-up menu …
Single interface to manage pattern creation, modification, grading and production
4 basic block construction (Skirt, Bodice, Pants and Sleeve) with easily modified parameters
Easy to use information library to store frequently used terms such as Piece Name List, Fabric Name List, Notch List, Punch Hole List, etc.
Technical sketch windows to compare pattern pieces side by side with designer sketches
Advanced pattern creation and modification tools for darts, pleats, curves, seam allowances, notches …
Sophisticated pattern grading features for fast and easy grading: Automatic Grading, Grading Arrows, Symmetry, Rotation, Freehand, Grading Library...
Allows style adjustment in grading area
Pieces Comparison (Outlines and Scale)
Displays pattern description on segment
Clone feature to define piece independency such that clone pieces will follow any change in the master piece including style, grading and seam allowance
Intelligent mirror for working on both sides of a pattern piece simultaneously
Automation features for faster and accurate pattern design: pattern assistance, pattern template, save changeset and seam allowance library(New in V6!)
A series of new tools & features to enhance user experience: advance clone, new curve, segment sync, ruffle, set piece...(New in V6!)
Supports to insert various image format, like jpeg, bmp(New in V6!)
A lot more new and upgraded features, like display measurement on segment, Export to Adobe Illustrator at 100%, tool merges & simplifications(New in V6!)
Supports to receive digitized file from PAD Digitizer Manager and plot PAD Pattern Design file using PAD Plot Manager via the Internet
(New in V6!)
Made-To-Measure feature to customize measurement of pattern pieces in all sizes
** Made-to-Measure Optimication is a newly added function in V6
Piece Production Treament supports CNC (Computed Numerically Controlled) cutter
Support of network plotting
Supported file formats:
- Previous PAD System File Formats: Version 4 files Read only
- DXF File Formats: DXF-AAMA, DXF-Basic, TIIP, HPGL
- Other company CAD File Formats: Gerber Native and Lectra Native Read only

PAD Trial version is now available!!

PAD is offering FREE trial version of PAD² V6 Pattern Enterprise and Marker Design for 30 days! The trial version is almost fully functional and offers every feature of the product for you to test-drive. Act now to download the trial version in a minute, enjoy the powerful pattern and marker software!

You just need 4 simple steps to download the trial version. Click here to learn more about PAD trial version.

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Restrictions of trial version

The trial version has a number of restrictions, please read below carefully,

  • - The trial version and license are for evaluation purpose only. And it is not the official PAD product.
  • - The trial version is fully functional except the file cannot be exported to other format.
  • - File is protected and encrypted with password automatically. It could only be open by the same trial license. File cannot be used by other PAD system, i.e. official PAD products.
  • - Protected password can be given to you if you purchase official license.
  • - License will be deleted when it is expired, i.e. after 30 days trial.