Padsystem Cloud
The cloud platform has been completely revamped with new features to increase ease of use.

All-in-one platform

Padsystem Cloud is a cloud platform specifically made for the apparel industry. It improves communication with other associates and teams, completing jobs faster, and enjoying services of software at a reasonable price.

Padsystem Cloud is the latest development platform of Padsystem enabling PAD Pattern, PAD Marker, and Auto-Nesting in the cloud.

Work Anytime Anywhere

  • Provide professional Pattrn Making software to industry
  • Ceate or Edit your pattern file, anytime and anywhere, with
    • Open pattern files
    • Pattern Design
    • Grading and Marker making function

Enhance Communication

  • Combines functions of pattern making and communication in a platform
  • Designer has space to work with effective communication and sharing

Comprehensive Service

Our products empowers people to share their works and ideas in the cloud. Create an intuitive, effective, and easy-to-operate online platform.

Flexible Payment

Padsystem Cloud makes CAD pattern making software no longer a highly priced commercial software. With our flexible payment terms, you can now choose the plan that fits your needs.

  • Select the subscription plan based on your need
  • One piece for all functions and features
  • Popular payment method provided