Perfect Integration of traditional manual skills and computer software
This user friendly and practical pattern design software aims to help users complete the complicated and time consuming pattern
making, from pattern design all the way to piece production treatment process, efficiently and quickly.
Basic Block
  • Padsystem provides four bases: skirt, bodice, pant and sleeves. Open the base library. The dialog box appears.
  • Base Menu allows user to use the basic styles directly, which improve efficiency of pattern-making.
Create Spline
Allows users to curve a straight line or make a parallel without converting other tools
Walking piece
  • Shows the measurements of the segments and calculates the difference between segments; and allow users to modify the measurements as desired.
  • View if lengths of two segments are same or same on the grading pieces
  • View or modify the length of selected segment
Segment Sync
  • Two or more pieces can be combined for modification In order to save the tedious process of manually
  • In order to save the tedious process of manually overlapping pieces to check accuracy of alignment in 2 segments
  • The synchronizing line feature can be used to simulate the closing of dart(s) / shirring,
One Sleeve
  • One Sleeve helps users to improve the efficiency of making sleeve
  • A sleeve will be created according to the armhole contour of the front & back pieces
  • Users can modify shape of the sleeve in the dialog box
Smart Clone
  • Saves the steps for repeated modification of patterns
  • Greatly boosts productivity
  • The user may freely change the master piece (plan view windows) and the clone picece (piece view windows)
Made-to-Measure (MTM)

No matter is mass production or tailor made, it is a smart solution for tailor and producer in pattern making. MTM are specification lines (like front and back, neck width, shoulder width, back width, etc), and segments for user to defined the measures of the pattern pieces.

  • Through inputting specific measurements to set the clothing specifications and formula
  • Assist the tailors and manufacturers to quickly make suitable clothes
  • Automatic calculation of sewn garment measurements in all graded sizes
  • To establish the interrelationship between patterns, in order to maintain the consistency of seams at various parts
  • Framed measurement line
  • Handle of darts, pleats and shirring
  • Interdependence of pieces can be assigned to maintain measurement
  • Ability to work using total body circumferences and level measurements

Pattern Grading

  • Padsystem automatic pattern grading has been improving continuously
  • Symmetry Grading
  • Rotate Grading
  • By using grading arrow, to replace the manual input of X, Y coordinate value grading
File Conversion
  • Introduce of file import / export to excel
  • Support Gerber and Lectra native file, DXF-AAMA, DXF Basic,HPGL, and TIIP (Japan)