Digital Conversion
Converts Paper Patterns
Padsystem Digital Conversion can converts paper patterns into digital format. It integrated perfectly Pattern Design for further pattern
modification. It helps you to complete the pattern making more easily.

Digital Conversion

  • Using Padsystem Digital Conversion to input the manually drawn patterns and convert them into digital format.
  • The digitized samples of notches, seam allowances, punch hole, stripes of fabrics will be immediately displayed at the operation zone.
Digital Camera
  • Taking the images of patterns by digital camera.
  • The shapes of patterns or the measurements of images are directly stored in the database, and converted into digital format.
Mobile Device
  • At anywhere, you may take the images of patterns by camera or smartphone at any time, download from the web or screenshots of pattern picture.
  • All can be directly input into a computer and then converted into digital format.